Cleaning FAQs

We bring all the cleaning supplies required to clean your home. We always try to cater to our customers, so if you prefer us to use a certain product you provide, we will, but please let us know in advance. If your product does not clean to the best possible outcome, we cannot be liable for it. Our teams are trained to work and clean with our products. This also applies to any damage that might occur using your product.

Yes, however, they must fall within the scope of cleaning. Many times, specific requests align better with our hourly rates. Please ask us for guidance. We do not clean anything outside of the home.

While we don’t expect anything to go wrong, it can happen. If anything should go wrong during your appointment, please don’t hesitate to contact us immediately at 773-706-6000, and we will correct the issue. We are insured and prepared to handle the situation as promptly as possible.

Every employee is interviewed in person and must submit to a rigorous and extensive background check. We check seven years of criminal history within the county, state, and federal. In addition, we check driving records as well.

We guarantee our service! That means if you are not completely satisfied, we’ll come back out and make it right free of charge. We’re happy to correct our mistakes at no additional cost when you call us within 24 hours of your most recent service.

At Phes, we recognize the importance of communication, especially regarding important valuables in your home and any specific cleaning requests you may have. We are transparent, and ethical and always maintain open communication. We will text you when we are on the way, and when we start and stop the service. We can be reached via phone, text, or email.

To ensure maximum efficiency. We  ask that you find a place for your pets to be comfortable while we clean. Following through with these requests will help both your family and our team ensure that all of your possessions are in a safe place. Please declutter as much as possible. Clear off any countertops. Pick up toys, junk mail, loose change, clothes, and whatever else found its way to your countertops. The less clutter you have around, the easier for us to focus on more critical tasks and access what needs to be cleaned. Clear away dirty dishes and food messes: Secure fragile items or items of sentimental value. Please put your pets away. Remember that cleaning does not include washing dishes, organizing, cleaning up after pets (litter boxes, urine control, etc.), doing laundry, changing bed sheets, etc. Another thing to consider: house cleaners are not responsible for moving furniture. So, if you want us to clean behind your sofa, you must pull it away from the wall before our arrival.

No. Because we work a 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. schedule, Monday to Friday, most of our customers aren’t home when we arrive. In many cases, our insured house cleaning professionals are provided with a spare key, lockbox, or keyless entry code. Please note we do not schedule anything past 2:00 pm.

While we cannot warranty our exact arrival time because we give every home the attention it deserves and requires, we offer arrival windows for your convenience. We strive to maintain a 30-minute window. If, for whatever reason, this cannot be met, we will maintain communication with you.

At Phes, we take great care in cleaning every home and strive to treat each property with the utmost respect. If something is accidentally broken during our routine service, we will try to repair or replace the item. Our residential housekeepers are fully insured, allowing claims to be filed as needed. However, if we discover something is already damaged or broken upon arrival. We will promptly inform you of the situation to avoid confusion or liability.

  • Clean toys
  • Clean the inside of your fireplace
  • Pick up clutter
  • Clean your iron 
  • Do laundry 
  • Wash dishes 
  • We do not clean any bodily fluids. 
  • Fold clothes
  • Organizing services
  • Spot cleaning walls

We want to ensure that all of your belongings are in the right place when we leave, which is why we leave these organizational tasks to you. However, we’re happy to clean the inside of your cabinets, stove, and refrigerator upon request.

f one of your routine cleanings falls on a holiday, we’ll reach out to you. Our team will also remind you of any additional house cleaning services that we can provide you so you can be prepared for the upcoming holiday. We’ll do our best to work with your schedule.

Payments are due on the day of your scheduled service. We do require a card on file to book. For hourly service, we do bill 3-4 hours in advance.  We do not accept cash. We also accept the following payment options for tips only. Zelle, Venmo.

  • Venmo – phesservices
  • Zelle – 773-706-6000

Yes! We encourage it. Your preferences give us the structure to enhance your cleaning experience and ensure you’re completely satisfied with your home or business’s scheduled cleaning. This will also ensure consistency if you have personal preferences of any kind. However, we ask that you give them space to perform your instructions properly.

While we encourage you to start with a deep clean, you do not have to. However, the first cleaning service brings a home up to a specific standard, and we are committed to upholding that standard. That’s why our initial cleaning may take longer and cost a little more than the rest of your services. We need the extra time to properly eliminate the mildew, soap scum, dust, and dirt from your home.

We are happy to provide service once a week, every other week, or once a month, depending on your cleaning needs. You can also request house cleaning services for special events and move-out and move-in cleaning assistance. Because we work on a no-contract basis, you can update your cleaning plan to fit your busy schedule, budget, and cleaning needs.

Sending the same team or team member to clean your home or business is important. At the same time, we do everything in our control to make this possible. If a member of your team is absent, we’ll do our best to find the most suitable replacement. However, we will always communicate this with you beforehand.

While tips aren’t expected, we’re allowed to accept them. Some clients prefer to tip a little at the end of each service. You can tip cash or on the invoice. All tips are paid out at the end of the week on the statement of the cleaning technician.

Yes, we’re proud to be a pet-friendly company. If your pet is aggressive in any way, we recommend that you leave him or her outside or in a gated area to ensure the safety of our professional house cleaners. If you don’t plan to be home when we arrive, please let us know how to handle cleaning around your pet appropriately.

  • We do not climb higher than a 2-step ladder. Higher items will only be dusted with an extension duster, if accessible.
  • We will not move furniture. Move-In/Move-Out Cleans operate under the assumption that space will be empty. We do need running water and power for move-in/out cleans. Also, please ensure that we are the only service provider scheduled for that day of service. We do not spot clean walls.
  • We will only wait 15 minutes. If we arrive on time at your home or business and no one is there, it is inaccessible. We will bill 75% of the total cost of cleaning. Please understand that we have set aside the time on our schedule and took no additional bookings to service you.
  • We do not offer organizational services.
  • We do not offer laundry service or washing dishes.


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